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2021 Yera in Review

In the following newsletter you will find a review of interesting experiences and realised HAAS projects in 2021.

Themes: TYRON hybrid, HAAS Sales Network, TYRON mobile technology, TYRON for BHKW Flohr and BHKW Buchen, Plant technology, Exhibition outlook

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SPECIAL Plant Technology

In our newsletter, we provide you with a detailed presentation of the customer project with CUP Recycling GmbH. We present the highlights of this plant and give you insights from the customer’s point of view.

CUP Recycling GmbH in Goldbach is part of the WERNER group of companies. This year, the new plant for 30,000 – 60,000 t of waste wood per year was commissioned.

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Recycling Newsletter 2020-12

Reviews from the current year, ongoing projects, information about our company and outlooks for 2021 – you will find all this information in our latest newsletter.

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Recycling Newsletter 2019-09

Themes: 30 years HAAS, NOREMAT, 2.0 now also for the giant TYRON 2500! TYRON 2500-E 2.0 – Upgrade at BHKW Flohr & BMK Lünen, Congratulations from HAAS – CRj Special article – Waste wood plant already in operation since 2004, Hadfield – Three Vikings processing waste wood, ECOSTAR & HAAS

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Recycling Newsletter 2019-04

Themes: Live demo pre- and post shredding in Muttenz, 3rd TYRON for the company WRENSCH, Combination TYRON & Star screen HSS 6000, 3 customers decide again for the HAAS TYRON, aluminium shredding in Belgium, HAAS 30 anniversary – celebration in September 2019, the HAAS sales team

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Recycling Newsletter 2018-05

Themes: Sortera in Sweden, A Viking for aluminium shredding, Bohmann Group, Germany, AVG Köln in Germany, Norrlandsjord & Miljö AB, CRJ & matpro, HAAS Roadshow, …

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Recycling Newsletter 2016-11

Themes: Arba, Bausch Ravensburg, Reterra Moers, ES Sejong, Job application Tyron, …

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Recycling Newsletter 2016-05

Themen: KOHL RECYCLING GmbH, Smart News, AVG Baustoffe, Goch, EURITEH S.R.L., CRJ SERVICES Ltd., R. Collard Group, WSR Recycling Ltd, HAAS Service Training

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