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Recycling Newsletter 2020-12

Reviews from the current year, ongoing projects, information about our company and outlooks for 2021 – you will find all this information in our latest newsletter.

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Recycling Newsletter 2019-09

Themes: 30 years HAAS, NOREMAT, 2.0 now also for the giant TYRON 2500! TYRON 2500-E 2.0 – Upgrade at BHKW Flohr & BMK Lünen, Congratulations from HAAS – CRj & Shred-Tech, Special article – Waste wood plant already in operation since 2004, Hadfield – Three Vikings processing waste wood, ECOSTAR & HAAS

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Recycling Newsletter 2019-04

Themes: Live demo pre- and post shredding in Muttenz, 3rd TYRON for the company WRENSCH, Combination TYRON & Star screen HSS 6000, 3 customers decide again for the HAAS TYRON, aluminium shredding in Belgium, HAAS 30 anniversary – celebration in September 2019, the HAAS sales team

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Recycling Newsletter 2018-05

Themes: Sortera in Sweden, A Viking for aluminium shredding, Bohmann Group, Germany, AVG Köln in Germany, Norrlandsjord & Miljö AB, CRJ & matpro, Shred-Tech, HAAS Roadshow, …

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Recycling Newsletter 2016-11

Themes: Arba, Bausch Ravensburg, Reterra Moers, ES Sejong, Shread Tech, Job application Tyron, …

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Recycling Newsletter 2016-05

Themen: SHRED-TECH Corp, KOHL RECYCLING GmbH, Smart News, AVG Baustoffe, Goch, EURITEH S.R.L., CRJ SERVICES Ltd., R. Collard Group, WSR Recycling Ltd, HAAS Service Training

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