2nd life for the Viking

How to make our machines fit again

At HAAS, sustainability takes centre stage. As a manufacturer of machines for the recycling industry, we actively contribute to recycling residual materials and making valuable materials reusable. Sustainability goes beyond the construction of new machines – we give used machines a second life and thus contribute to the conservation of resources.

The quality and durability of our HAAS machines is undisputed. That is why our used machines are also extremely sought after and sought after.

Many of our customers who invest in new machines trade in their old machines with us. But these machines are not simply discarded – they undergo a technical overhaul with us.

Our machine reconditioning is an art based on solid craftsmanship and technical expertise.

With our “Experienced Vikings“, we offer you tried and tested HAAS used machines that have proven to be extremely reliable in operation and are far from being “old iron”.

Photo: HAAS TYRON pre-shredder during machine preparation with our colleagues Jan, Viktor and Julian.


Viktor (HAAS machine builder) explains: “We completely disassemble the used HAAS machines. Every component is checked, replaced if necessary or cleaned. I like to help these machines regain their almost new condition piece by piece.”

Jan (HAAS machine builder) appreciates the challenge of making the robust quality of the machines visible again: “When the machines are just delivered to us again, it sometimes seems impossible at first glance that these machines will once again shine in new splendour. Recycling machines are not treated with squeamishness and you can see that in the machines after a few years. The result of the reconditioned machines excites me and that’s exactly why I like doing this work.”

Our apprentice, Julian, says: “I learn a lot during a reprocessing. In the department I went through before (assembly of new machines), I already experienced how much work goes into the construction of a new machine. But here, when dismantling the used machines, I realise what demands are made on the individual components and how crucial every detail is for the functionality and quality of our machines.”

A current example is a HAAS TYRON 2000 XL 2.0. The machine was previously in operation at a German industrial company. The TYRON was heavily used for shredding wood, industrial waste and light metal.

First, the machine was given a basic cleaning before it was completely disassembled in our workshop. All important components were checked according to a set procedure and replaced if necessary.

The body was repainted, a new conveyor belt was fitted and all fluids and oils were replaced.

Photo: Assembly of new conveyor belt


Our machine reconditioning underlines our values: quality & longevity. We are proud to offer our customers not only new machines, but also Vikings that are ready to impress with performance even in their second phase of life.

Photo: HAAS TYRON before preparation

Photo: HAAS TYRON after preparation


Discover our “Experienced Vikings” – proven used machines with comprehensive overhaul and “Young Vikings” – tested demonstration machines including warranty package.

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