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ARTHOS stationary Hammermill with saving potential
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Let it crack – with our omnivore!

The hammermill ARTHOS shreds thoroughly and quickly waste wood, green waste, substitute fuels and PVC-waste.

Depending on the material and the desired end product special HAAS hammer-, counter knife- and screen basket-systems will be used. With the help of individual matched counter knive- and screen basket-systems the unwanted fine fraction will be reduced to a minimum. HAAS hammermills are immune to interference and low on maintenance!

The special ballistic chute protects the hammermill from wear and machine breakage.

Impurities like ferrous and non-ferrous metals etc., which made it into the hammermill with the material had to be removed manually and very time consuming in the past. “Time is money”, that was the thought of the HAAS-developers und they started to work.
Impurities in the input material are automatically separated. The system has been in stationary use for several thousand operating hours at many well-known power stations and in the chipboard industry worldwide and has proven itself. The machine does not have to be stopped to remove the impurities, thus downtimes are significantly minimized and costs thereby reduced!

Another highlight of the HAAS hammermill is the very simple screen exchange as the machine can be opened hydraulically. The operator has the possibility to change the screen basket within a very short time and thus to vary the size of the output material.

In combination with the TYRON primary shredder, ARTHOS thoroughly and quickly shreds wood waste, green waste, RDF and PVC waste to < 30-150 mm.

In the stationary sector, the HAAS ARTHOS hammermill has so far been known as the “HSZ” and has been a popular secondary shredder among connoisseurs for years. The developers at HAAS have now succeeded in ideally adapting the technology of the stationary version to mobile technology.

Here you get all information about our mobile hammermill

Range of application

  • Waste Wood Shredded
  • Green Waste Shredded
  • Biomass Shredded
  • Bark Shredded
  • Plastics Shredded
  • Bulky Waste Shredded
  • Industrial Waste Shredded
  • PVC-Profiles Shredded

Product advantages

  • Resistent against foreign objects due to flexible swinging hammers.
  • Ballistic chute – Impurities will be ejected automatically with the ballistic chute developed by HAAS!
  • Easy screen change system – Screen exchange in shortest time due to hydr. openable screen basket.
  • Effortless exchange of hammers and hammer shafts
  • Special HAAS hammer- and counter knive-combinations minimize the fine fraction.
  • Sturdy construction - Downtimes will be minimized and costs reduced.
  • Homogeneous end product; and exposure of ferrous and non-ferrous parts like nails and staples
  • Also available ATEX-certified after testing!

Range of application

Capacity up to 100 t/h!

End product from “fine” ca. < 30 mm to “coarse” ca. < 150 mm, depending on hammer configuration and screen basket-system (individual solutions on demand)

  • Waste Wood ShreddedWaste Wood Shredded
  • Green Waste ShreddedGreen Waste Shredded
  • Biomass ShreddedBiomass Shredded
  • Bark ShreddedBark Shredded
  • Plastics ShreddedPlastics Shredded
  • Bulky Waste ShreddedBulky Waste Shredded
  • Industrial Waste ShreddedIndustrial Waste Shredded
  • PVC-Profiles ShreddedPVC-Profiles Shredded

Model overview

  • ARTHOS 1000-E90-200 kW
  • ARTHOS 1300-E132-315 kW
  • ARTHOS 1600-E160-400 kW
  • ARTHOS 2000-E315-630 kW


  • Ballistic chute
  • Central lubrication
  • Easy screen change system
  • Underframe with maintenance platform

Vertikale Zuführung

  • ARTHOS 1000-E
  • ARTHOS 1300-E
  • ARTHOS 1600-E
  • ARTHOS 2000-E
  • Infeed width1.000 mm
  • Infeed height1.200 mm
  • Rotor ø1.200 mm
  • Antr.-Leistung 90-200 kW
  • Capacity up to18 t/h*
  • Infeed width1.300 mm
  • Infeed height1.200 mm
  • Rotor ø1.200 mm
  • Antr.-Leistung 132-315 kW
  • Capacity up to25 t/h*
  • Infeed width1.600 mm
  • Infeed height1.200 mm
  • Rotor ø1.200 mm
  • Antr.-Leistung 160-400 kW
  • Capacity up to45 t/h*
  • Infeed width2.000 mm
  • Infeed height1.200 mm
  • Rotor ø1.200 mm
  • Antr.-Leistung 315-630 kW
  • Capacity up to80 t/h*

* Throughput based on an average grain size of 60 – 80 mm with a normal and continuously feeding and average degree of impurities.


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