HAAS Sales Team

Your sales partner for the postal code region 1-5 in Germany

I live in the small village “Höhn”, in the middle of the wonderful Westerwald, my home is only a stone’s throw away from HAAS and here I have been working for 28 years.
As a trained mechanical engineer, I helped to found the construction department in the company and supervises the plant planning.
Designing something new, implementing developments in a team, that fascinated me since I was a young man.

I like to work with people and discovered in the 90s,
that the sale of machines and plants should be a completely new challenge for me.
An additional professional training to become an industrial business economist should give me the necessary support.

Certainly it was not easy for me to say goodbye to planning and construction.
But today I must say that it was the right decision.

My garden gives me the necessary balance at home, there I find when planting, Weeding or even barbecuing with family and friends, my deceleration.

Your Meinolf Zimmermann