New HAAS Sales Partner

Focusing on the Strength of Partnership: VAMA, Partner in the HAAS Distribution Network

Since 2003, VAMA ECOLOGY SRL has been shaping the Italian market, setting standards in environmental technology, industrial services, and civil engineering. Since autumn 2022, VAMA has become a important partner in the HAAS sales network, serving as your primary source for top-tier HAAS products throughout Italy. The integration of innovative HAAS products, including the TYRON Slow-Speed Shredder, empowers VAMA to effectively close existing gaps in the product portfolio. VAMA delivers tailored solutions for recycling plants and biomass facilities that comprehensively meet all requirements.


VAMA followed our invitation and visited us with the entire staff at the IFAT 2022 in Munich.

On site, the team took a close look at the HAAS TYRON hybrid, convinced themselves of its advantages and were interested in a cooperation with HAAS.

„Together with a sales colleague, I visited VAMA in Italy. We were warmly welcomed, got to know and appreciate each other better and thus the future cooperation was agreed upon.

VAMA is well positioned with sales representatives who know their business.

The comprehensive after-sales service with an extensive, qualified range of technology, their own service vehicles and their own workshop halls complete the overall offer. Our customers can feel that ‘they are in good hands’ when they deal with VAMA. “

Steffen Heymann, HAAS sales representative responsible for VAMA


„In mid-March of this year, we received our first HAAS TYRON 2000 XL. Our team was happy about the comprehensive training by Steffen Heymann and Andrzej Macalla from HAAS. We tried out many different materials in the shredding process and got to know the machine.

We then quickly started our own first demo tour in Italy with the TYRON primary shredder.

Customers and interested clients were particularly positively surprised by the shredding results in commercial and bulky waste. The asynchronous drive system impresses here with optimal infeed results and reliable, long-lasting operation. “

Melissa Maccaro and Marino Colak, Sales Representatives at VAMA ECOLOGY SRL


Further demonstrations in Italy are scheduled, if you are interested, please contact VAMA directly (+39 0421 310590 or or us.