Successful partnership

Feng Hong Machinery Company Ltd. & the HAAS TYRON shape the future of waste shredding in Taiwan

Feng Hong, under the leadership of Managing Director Mr Ping-Feng, is a leading and pioneering company in the wood processing and waste shredding industry in Taiwan.
Our partnership with Feng Hong started in 2018 and has been strengthened by joint projects with 14 HAAS TYRON 2000 XL 2.0 shredders so far. The durable quality of HAAS machines and the excellent service provided by Feng Hong make this cooperation a success. Feng Hong wants to use the twin-shaft pre-shredders to make waste recycling in Taiwan efficient and sustainable.


“HAAS machines enjoy international recognition.” Feng Hong emphasises this in her social media posts on Facebook, accompanied by videos of the TYRON primary shredders showing the efficiency and reliability of these machines.

In addition to the purchase of machines, the cooperation with Feng Hong also extends to ongoing customer support and maintenance. The close co-operation enables us not only to supply high-quality machines, but also to offer a first-class service in Taiwan.

The HAAS TYRON primary shredders are used in various applications in Taiwan to address waste issues – whether in the shredding of household waste, commercial waste, mattresses or waste wood.


We are proud to actively contribute to environmental protection and sustainable waste processing together with Feng Hong, both with the use of our machines and through our intensive partnership. For further information and possible applications of the HAAS TYRON primary shredder, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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