HAAS Employees Practice Demonstration Day 2018

Last week, the agenda for the HAAS team was “practice instead of theory”.

Last week, the agenda for the HAAS team was “practice instead of theory“. By bus we went to Cologne to the AVG. There our complete team was able to experience the enormous performance of the new HAAS ARTHOS 1600 – mobile HAAS Hammermill live for the first time!

The combination of a HAAS TYRON primary shredder and the powerful ARTHOS secondary shredder processed a huge amount of waste wood to an end product of approx. < 60 mm in a blink.

Our technical staff used the opportunity to exchange ideas about the completed project and were available to our office staff for a look inside the machine and to answer all possible questions about the HAAS machine combination.

Many thanks again to AVG, Cologne for the friendly reception!

After the machine demonstration we took the bus from the AVG directly to the centre of Cologne.

A rustic brewhouse invited to a social get-together with good food and cool Kölsch. Smalltalk off the everyday business among the colleagues gave the opportunity to get to know each other little better.

The many small Christmas markets in Cologne’s city centre offered a pleasant ending and provided a pre-Christmas atmosphere with light-filled decorations and many culinary delights.

Late in the evening we took the bus back to Dreisbach in a good mood. Some people already reviewed the day here in their dreams…

Many thanks to the whole team for the numerous participation and a great day together!