HAAS TYRON for Grays Recycling Services

Kenny Gray – Owner at Grays Recycling Services

“HAAS TYRON – a very reliable machine”

Grays Recycling Services is a family-run business providing waste services across Fochabers, in the Scottish Highlands. Starting out as a metal recycling business in 2004, GRS has since expanded their service offerings to include skip hire and commercial trade waste services.

GRS uses a range of processes to recycle and extract value from their incoming waste streams. A large percentage of their waste is generated through their skip hire and commercial waste services. This waste contains various valuable materials that can be reclaimed through their picking station leaving a clean aggregate product.

Having built a great relationship across two successful projects, GRS once again returned to CRJ Services for a third time in 2021, requiring a versatile mobile shredder to replace their aging Powershredder.

“It has been a pleasure to deal with Grays Recycling Services over the years. Having worked with them for over 4 years, it has been great to witness their growth, and to be able to supply quality equipment to meet their requirements. I look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Damian Casey – Area Sales Manager at CRJ Services

As GRS is located in a remote part of the UK, they must ensure their lorries are at maximum weight in order to efficiently transfer their waste to waste to energy plants.

To reach the maximum weight in their lorries, the material must be shredded down to allow for a more compact load. This reduces the number of miles driven and in turn reduces their carbon footprint.

As GRS is a multi-waste processor, the required shredder needed to be able to produce a consistent particle size across various materials to meet the required specification of the waste to energy plants. CRJ Services suggested the HAAS TYRON and brought the TYRON 2000XL 2.0 to site for a demonstration.

“We have been delighted with the service received from CRJ Services. We received a demonstration of the HAAS TYRON shredder before we purchased, and this certainly helped us make up our mind.  The machine was delivered on time and CRJ provided in-depth training and demonstration which was very much appreciated.

We are very pleased with the performance of the HAAS TYRON. It has performed all tasks well and to requirement so far; a very reliable machine.”

Kenny Gray – Owner at Grays Recycling Services

The HAAS TYRON has four shredding programs: wood, green waste, general waste and a fourth customisable setting. This, coupled with the ease of maintenance provided by the TYRON, makes it the ideal machine for GRS.

Link to YouTube Video HAAS TYRON at Grays Recycling Services