Full-service contract guarantees “supply by disposal”.

- FLOHR & HAAS a strong team!

Full-service contract guarantees “supply by disposal”. – FLOHR & HAAS a strong team!

For the largest CHP plant for the production of bioenergy in Rhineland-Palatinate, a trouble-free operation is a must! The FLOHR CHP generates 102,000 tonnes of steam per year (sufficient for approx. 4,500 single-family homes) and 52,000 megawatt hours of electricity (supplying 11,750 single-family homes). Downtime of the plant would be a disaster!

 To allow the biomass to be used for producing energy, the waste wood (category A I – A IV) is first shredded. Since 2013, FLOHR has been relying on HAAS quality for shredding. The wood, pre-shredded to a size of < 300 mm by the HAAS TYRON, is then incinerated at a temperature of over 850 °C. After 6 years of operation, the proven, stationary HAAS primary shredder was replaced two years ago by the upgraded TYRON 2500-E 2.0 version! Six years of practical experience have been put into the development of the new machine. A customised feed hopper, much easier accessibility for regular service and maintenance work as well as many useful ideas and suggestions from the FLOHR staff can be found in the new TYRON.

To ensure that the CHP plant is supplied with fuel 24/7, the primary shredder must perform reliably. To ensure this, even during the development of our machines we place great importance on low-maintenance components and a solid construction. This means that we minimize the required maintenance efforts. In addition, a full-service contract has been agreed between FLOHR and HAAS. A customised service package that guarantees operational reliability at fixed calculated costs. From regular machine inspections and service to maintenance and repair work, everything is included in the package.

 “The HAAS tracking portal enables continuous online monitoring of the machine and is used to reduce any downtime. Reports are generated in real time and all operating modes can be called up at any time by CHP Flohr and us. When a fault occurs, the (remote) diagnosis starts quickly and easily. As a result, we are perfectly prepared and equipped for the service visit prior to arriving at the customer’s site. Within a short time, our trained service engineers replace any worn or defective parts on site using original HAAS spare parts only. HAAS spare parts are high-quality serial parts manufactured to the highest standards and are subject to regular quality controls. This is how we ensure the best machine availability for the shredder.” Sebastian Alhäuser, Head of Service & Spare Parts at HAAS

 “The cooperation with HAAS is based on a partnership and characterised by a high level of reliability. In case of technical problems, short response times ensure a quick remedy. We depend on high availability of the primary shredder and have always been perfectly supported by HAAS.” Thomas Velten, Operations Manager