First aid in the company

- prepared for the worst-case scenario

So that in an emergency as little as possible happens when something happens

Our numerous first aiders took part in the first aid course again last Tuesday and were able to refresh their knowledge in case of an emergency.

Of course, we all wish every day that the emergency never occurs. But if it does, then we at HAAS would like to be able to help our colleagues as quickly and as well as possible. In most cases every minute counts and decides on the further well-being of an accident person.
We regularly offer a first-aid course so that each of our first-aiders feels as prepared as possible for an emergency.

The theory is followed by practice:

In the first part of the course, the theoretical knowledge was refreshed, e.g how do I get an unconscious person into a stable lateral position?
Later, each individual could try out different points again in the practical exercise and consolidate what they had learned. Despite the good training, we all hope that the emergency will not occur.