30 years HAAS

- Volker Haas looks back

t seems like it was yesterday, in a small garage in Stockum-Püschen …
I was born in Stockum-Püschen 1960. This is where I grew up and where the foundation for my commercial independence was laid. The first project plans and order placements were made 1989 right here in Stockum.

Today HAAS is represented worldwide! The number of employees has always grown up to over 80 today. Sascha Kloft supports me since 2015 as second managing director and will steer the future fortunes of HAAS. Of course, we have changed a few things at HAAS in the meantime for example more and more extensions of office buildings, new production halls and warehouses.

The product range was constantly extended, from exclusively stationary plant components for sawmills, to today’s wide range of stationary and mobile components. A special thanks to all of our customers with whom we are in constant contact. Because of their suggestions and experience we are able to develop our machines further again and again.

Especially in the field of mobile technology a lot has changed in our company – for example there is our double shaft slow speed shredder ‘’TYRON’’ or since 2018 the hammermill ‘’ARTHOS’’.

In the past, our HAAS machines were used exclusively for shredding waste wood. Today the TYRON is a popular all-rounder, which is also used for processing waste and substitute fuels, PVC and plastics or roots and green waste.

Do you already know our two vikings TYRON and ARTHOS? They have become our trademarks in the meantime. For us these two are much more than pretty names and faces – for us, the strength, robustness and fighting spirit of the Vikings are reflected in our product quality!

Looking back, I can proudly say that we have done a great job. Stones that seemed to get in the way at first sight, have partly shown us a new way or guided us to new ideas. Some of the original HAAS plants are still in operation after almost 30 years and still doing their job reliably – isn´t that great?
I’m glad to look back on 30 good business years together with you and I am curious to see how HAAS will develop in the next years!

Thank you very much Yours

Volker Haas

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