Christmas donation

share success and give a piece back to others

It is important to us to share success and give a piece back to others

This year, our Christmas donation will go to the Children‘s Cancer Aid „Unnauer Patenschaft“.

The Unnau sponsorship was founded in 1986. Children and young people with cancer and serious illnesses, as well as their families from the Westerwald region, are supported.

For example, therapy costs (which health insurance companies do not cover), costs of medical aids (for which health insurance companies do not feel responsible), single payments for urgently needed purchases or travel costs are covered.

Currently, the “Unnau Patenschaft” is supporting a family with necessary renovation measures at home. The installation of an outdoor lift is necessary to enable the sick daughter to move around the house. The costs of more than 45,000 € are covered by health insurance with a cap of max. 4,000 € – help is urgently needed here.

We very much appreciate that the members of the “Unnauer Patenschaft” do their voluntary work free of charge to help those in need, so that every cent of the money raised goes to the benefit of the sick people concerned.

Many thanks to the team of the “Unnauer Patenschaft”.
We wish all members and affected families a merry Christmas.


If you wish, you can also participate with a donation:

Sparkasse Westerwald-Sieg
IBAN: DE97 5735 1030 0101 0216 99

Picture: HAAS Recycling-Systems (Armin Haas, Marion Wüst and TYRON mascot) with donation cheque to the representatives of the “Unnauer Patenschaft” (Dorothee Wenzelmann and Michael Wiedemann).