A heroic story of a used TYRON in Sweden

A heroic story of a used TYRON in Sweden

Ted Augustsson is our reliable sales partner for Sweden since many years.
We have already realised numerous projects together and provided long-term support. A few days ago, another project was added.

Uddevalla entreprenad AB operates in the field of waste treatment and shredding for more than 20 years.

The managing director Magnus Andersson has used many types and brands of shredding machines. Not every material could be shredded sufficiently with these machines.

Now Magnus Andersson decided to buy a used HAAS TYRON 2500-E. The primary shredder, built in 2006, has already performed around 30,000 operating hours. “Experienced Vikings“, as the used shredders are called, always receive a comprehensive check from our service team. The stationary TYRON 2500-E was given a general refurbishment and fitted with a new belt and new magnet.

At the RagnSells site in Trollhättan, the TYRON is the first machine in a plant with a downstream screen. 20,000 – 30,000 tonnes of mixed, tough waste are shredded here.

Currently, all the materials are shredded that the previous 2-shaft shredder of a different supplier could not process.

The machine driver at UE AB says only one thing about the TYRON 2500-E: “From morning to night, it’s now just PUSHING, PUSHING, PUSHING.”

The solution with the HAAS TYRON has opened many different doors for UE for continued growth with waste flows and new business opportunities.

TM Recycling solutions AB wishes Magnus and his staff good luck and continued “GOOD RELOADING”.

“We at TM AB are looking forward to the future and say:

GO GREEN, GO ELECTRIC, TM Recycling and HAAS Recycling GmbH can supply those solutions with good experience since many years!”. Ted Augustsson, Sales Director TM AB