PETRUCCIANI recommends HAAS used machines

Renewed decision for a 2nd hand TYRON

PETRUCCIANI OLIVER Trasporti e rottami is active in the Swiss canton of Ticino for recycling and disposal of many types of waste and recyclable goods.

Bulky waste, wood, green waste, construction waste, paper/cardboard, electrical and electronic equipment, as well as all metals and specified waste, can be disposed of here. For the second time, PETRUCCIANI relies on a good 2nd hand TYRON pre-shredder – with complete conviction.

At Petrucciani, after separation and sorting, the waste material is pressed into bales or shredded and then delivered to companies that specialise in material recycling.

The TYRON pre-shredder is especially used for the shredding of waste wood.

“Not all recycling companies have high tonnages of waste to be shredded. For such companies, investing in a 2nd hand machine, instead of a new pre-shredder, is more lucrative.

It happens that other recycling companies want to replace their HAAS TYRON pre-shredder with a new TYRON, yet the old one is still in good technical condition.

We take these used machines back, subject them to an extensive quality check as well as a complete overhaul and offer them as low-priced and immediately available machines.”

Steffen Heymann, Sales representative at HAAS Recycling-Systems

“Solid design and superior processing are enough reasons to make HAAS TYRON attractive, even as a 2nd hand machine – I was able to convince myself!

In 2015 we bought a used HAAS TYRON 1500 and it has served us well until today.

Our needs have changed somewhat and our new 2nd hand TYRON 2000 not only offers more power, but compared to the previous TYRON on hook lift, we now also enjoy much more flexible comfort, thanks to its crawler track.

Today, the demand for a finer end product is higher and that is exactly what we are now achieving with the finer tool configuration. We look forward to everyday life with our “experienced Viking” and can definitely recommend the purchase of a 2nd hand HAAS machine.”

Oliver Petrucciani, PETRUCCIANI OLIVER Trasporti e rottami


The HAAS TYRON 1500 is now being loaded and delivered back to the German Westerwald. After a thorough check, the machine will next be awaited by its next owner.

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