A precisely fitting waste wood processing line

to be installed at Mill Farm Recycling Ltd.

Mill Farm Recycling Ltd is a family business, based in Stafford UK with roots in agriculture. Today they supply local biomass power plants and farmers with high quality compost, as well as quality chips. The chips are used as fuel in power stations and by farmers as ‘animal bedding’.

Mill Farm required a stationary wood recycling plant to produce high quality wood chips from pre-shredded waste wood A1. Together with our sales partner CRJ Services, we supplied a precisely fitting turnkey processing line.

With the vertical hammermill, ARTHOS 1600-E, the already pre-shredded material is reduced to the required particle size. Magnetic and non-ferrous separators sort ferrous and non-ferrous metals from the material flow. Finally, the recycling chips are screened into four different grain sizes with a HAAS flat screen:

The single fractions are distributed by chain conveyors to six large storage bays.

The oversize material is returned to the process.

Maximum flexibility in the particle size of the chips was particularly important to Mill Farm. Thanks to the quick-change screen system of the hammermill, the screen basket can be changed easily and quickly. The screen decks in the flat screen can also be changed in a very short time. The particle size can thus be varied with only minimal downtime and thus adapted to the current demand.