How refurbished HAAS machines increase efficiency and help your budget!

Convincing live demo: Willi Strumm GmbH opts for reconditioned HAAS TYRON pre-shredder!

Convincing live demo: Willi Strumm GmbH opts for reconditioned HAAS TYRON pre-shredder!

Willi Strumm GmbH, a company of the renowned Jakob Becker Group, faced similar challenges to those many of you are familiar with. When modernising a site they had taken over, they were looking for a reliable solution for the shredding of waste wood and mixed commercial waste. This is where the story of success begins.


Could you imagine a machine live demo exceeding your expectations?


That’s how Mr Kichenmaier (Jakob Becker Group) and Mr Steingaß (Willi Strumm GmbH) felt. The goal? To shred waste wood and mixed commercial waste to a consistent grain size of around 250 mm.

Until then, two shredders from a competitor had been used. The shredding results of the HAAS TYRON exceeded the previous results. The HAAS TYRON mastered its task effortlessly and clearly overtook the previous competitor machines in terms of throughput and the end product in the waste wood and waste area. The TYRON initially remained with the customer for a few days and further tests. Results were impressive, and after a few intensive tests on site, Willi Strumm GmbH decided to invest in the HAAS TYRON. The previously used pre-shredder was then taken in payment by HAAS.

A few weeks ago, we reported in detail on our reconditioning of a TYRON; this very TYRON has now found its second home at Willi Strumm GmbH in Reichenbach. The robust quality of the HAAS machines and the thorough machine reconditioning make it possible to use a great machine on a small budget – and one that is immediately available. Today, the customer is extremely pleased with both the machine and the quality of the end product. This success story once again emphasises the efficiency and reliability of our HAAS machines.


“Efficiency and reliability are our top priorities. Our shredding requirements have been fulfilled and the daily demands are now handled effortlessly. Taking over the demo machine immediately was ideal for us. We have not experienced any disadvantages by purchasing a second-hand machine. On the contrary, the machines’ quality says it all and delivery times have been eliminated.”

Mr Steingaß Authorised signatory and branch manager in Reichenbach, of Willi Strumm GmbH based in Baumholder.


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