Giving hope & offering help

With our Christmas donation this year, we are supporting the "Freunde der Kinderkrebshilfe Gieleroth / Unnauer Paten e.V."

This year, the former “Unnauer Patenschaft“, to which our Christmas donation has gone in previous years, has been taken over by a new organisation. The “Freunde der Kinderkrebshilfe Gieleroth / Unnauer Paten e.V.” supports children and young people with cancer and serious illnesses and their families from the Westerwald, our home region.

Help is provided, for example, by covering the costs of therapy (which cannot usually be covered by health insurance companies) or the costs of medical aids (for which health insurance companies often do not feel responsible). One-off payments for urgently needed purchases or travelling expenses can also be made.

The “Freunde der Kinderkrebshilfe Gieleroth e.V.” also care for sick parents, as children can also suffer in those cases and need strength and support in rough times. The organisation is currently looking after almost 60 cases at the same time – from the Westerwald region, with one case from Düsseldorf and patients at the University Hospital Giessen / Marburg. The organisation is fully funded by donations.

We therefore send our great appreciation to the members and helpers, some of whom do their work on a voluntary and unpaid basis to help those in need. Every cent of the donations raised will benefit the patients concerned.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the team from “Freunde der Kinderkrebshilfe Gieleroth / Unnauer Paten e.V.” and Mr Fischer for providing information on this topic. We wish the affected families a peaceful and hopeful Christmas season!


If you wish, you can also make a donation:



photo: f.l.t.r.: Herr Fischer (Freunde der Kinderkrebshilfe Gieleroth / Unnauer Paten e.V.), Volker Haas & Sascha Kloft (HAAS Recycling-Systems)