HAAS rental machines prove their worth at AVG Rheinberg

Successful replacement after unforeseen events!

The AVG site in Rheinberg, part of the AVG Group with headquarters in Gennep, Netherlands, faced unexpected challenges a few months ago. To ensure continuous material processing, AVG Rheinberg decided in favour of an innovative solution:

Hiring mobile HAAS recycling machines.

Our sales team member Anna-Lena Leber visited AVG Rheinberg. In an interview with Mr Borgards (AVG Rheinberg) and Mr Pancherz (AVG Rheinberg & AVG Goch), in the following you can find out more about this decision and the experiences with HAAS hire machines.

Reinhold Pancherz, how did you decide to hire HAAS machines in this particular case?

Pancherz: “Unfortunately, we had unforeseen events at our waste wood processing plant and were confronted with the challenge of maintaining our production. The waste wood plant in Rheinberg plays a central role in the production of around 400,000 tonnes of waste wood per year for the connected power plant. The main objective was to always fulfil the agreed contractual terms and to reliably deliver the required quantities. Our experience with HAAS machines has been entirely positive. In view of the situation, machine hire proved to be the ideal solution. It enabled us to react quickly, flexible and efficient in the event of a production interruption and to minimise the disruption as much as possible.”

How did hiring these recycling machines benefit your situation, Carsten Borgards?

Borgards: “For us, the flexibility of the rental was unbeatable. Thanks to the hiring, we were able to use high-performance machines immediately as well as ensure that the power plant was fed. The decision to hire machines was based on the realisation that we needed a reliable alternative solution that we could implement not only at short notice, but also cost-effectively. Hire machines are available at a short term and the costs are very easy to calculate.”


Which specific hire machines did you use on site? 

“HAAS provided us with a compact mobile solution at short notice. The mobile trio consisted of the HAAS TYRON for pre-shredding, the HAAS ALVA star screen and the HAAS GLADIATOR for NE-FE separation. These hire machines proved to be extremely effective for our requirements. They are easy to transport, can be set up flexibly (which is particularly advantageous for conversion work) and require little space to set up. All machines are also equipped with a water spraying system and therefore also fulfil the requirements of low-emission processing.”


Were the rental machines able to compensate for the loss of production?

Pancherz: ” Of course, the mobile hire machines have a different processing rate than our extensive stationary plant (with 60 tonnes per hour). However, we were still able to produce a large part of the required quantity, as we always have a high throughput with our plant and store woodchippings in interim storage facilities. All in all, we are very satisfied with the overall solution.”

Anna-Lena Leber, sales team member at HAAS:

“A production interruption requires quick action at all times. The possibility of being able to react immediately to demand helped AVG Rheinberg to maintain the material flow and minimise production downtime. Hire machines as a temporary solution are ideal – available at short notice and without long-term or high capital commitment.

We were already able to support two other AVG locations with hire machines to bridge the shortfalls. The machine hire service is still quite new for us. As different situations require different solutions, we are broadly positioned with our offers for machine demos, machine hire and purchase in order to meet the individual requirements of our customers. Feel free to contact us to discuss a personalised offer.


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