A Hammermill gets a second life.

At HAAS, everything revolves around quality, durability and sustainability. Our machine reconditioning enables us to give machines a second life and conserve resources. Another impressive example of our work is the reconditioning of the stationary hammer mill “HAAS ARTHOS 1600-E”.


Quality that lasts for years

This Hammermill was originally used in 2014 in a permanently installed HAAS waste wood processing plant in Germany, where it was part of a line and processed 25 – 30 tonnes of pre-shredded waste wood per hour. Despite its intensive use, the Hammermill still had a lot of potential and quality to offer.


A new life for the Hammermill

After years of reliable service at the recycling plant, we have taken back the Hammermill and breathed new life into it. It may have been getting on in years, but it is far from being obsolete. Our comprehensive refurbishment and reconditioning ensure that this machine is back in top form.


New life, new possibilities

Our experienced technicians have done a great job with the refurbishment. In order to raise performance and efficiency to a new level, the machine was given a new engine system with an impressive 315 kW. This Hammermill has proven that it can withstand the demands for years to come.


Learn more.

Contact us to find out more about our HAAS ARTHOS Hammermill or HAAS used machines. HAAS stands for quality, reliability and the reuse of resources. Our “experienced Vikings” are proud to put these values into practice.


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Maximised flexibility tailored to your requirements.

With the HAAS ARTHOS, you can process pre-shredded materials such as waste wood, green waste, plastics, bulky waste, biomass, wood bark, PVC profiles and commercial waste. We offer this used Hammermill without a feeder, switching system and base frame. This gives you maximum flexibility to customise the machine to your individual requirements. This includes the necessary conveyor belts and other customisations to ensure that the Hammermill fits perfectly into your operating processes. We will be happy to advise you in detail.

The HAAS ballistic discharger – reducing downtimes.

We offer you the well-known HAAS ballistic discharger as an option. This discharger is not only an extension of the functionality, but also a protection for the machine. It ensures that any impurities are automatically discharged, which significantly reduces downtimes and increases efficiency.