Prospective technicians successfully implement technical tasks!

Prospective technicians of the technical college of the vocational school Betzdorf-Kirchen (BBS) presented their project work.

Steffen Hirsch (employee of HAAS GmbH), Florian H., Sven K. and Jonas M., aged 24-26, are graduates of BBS in the technical department.

In addition to their full-time job, the young men complete a four-year further training course in the evening and on Saturdays at the technical school. Part of the final examinations are the project work of the 36 prospective technicians in mechanical engineering. Companies provide the young people with tasks with a concrete practical relevance.

The company BGH from Siegen, Germany provided the four young technicians as project partners with the task of “Further development and design of a continuous impact test bench. A test bench developed in 1990 was to be redesigned and at the same time the faults of the outdated device were to be corrected.
Important material parameters are tested on a fatigue test bench. These include, for example, the strength, toughness and crack sensitivity of steel.

The results documented in their technical work were presented by the future experts to the visitors (including the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Chamber of Crafts and local authorities). In future, the newly designed test bench will be used by BGH Edelstahl in Siegen, Germany.