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The growing demand for sustainable energy sources has led companies to increasingly rely on waste wood as a fuel for power generation. Efficient processing of this material is crucial in order to meet the needs of power plants while minimising the environmental impact.

In this case study, we present the successful implementation of the HAAS Recycling-Systems waste wood processing plant at AVG Baustoffe Goch GmbH. A reliable supply to the Solvay Chemicals power plant is ensured.

We will give you an insight into a comprehensive plant project based on the latest technical standards. We would be happy to support you with your individual requirements – please contact us and benefit from our expertise.

The AVG site in Rheinberg, part of the renowned AVG Group headquartered in Gennep, the Netherlands, plays a key role in sustainable energy generation. Directly connected to a power plant, the Rheinberg site is instrumental in processing 120,000 tonnes of waste wood per year into a high-quality fuel that is used to generate process steam and electricity. This innovative solution significantly reduces the use of fossil fuels.


The modernisation of the power plant has not only led to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions of around 190,000 tonnes per year but has also had a positive impact on other emissions such as sulphur oxides and nitrogen oxides. The project therefore makes a significant contribution to protecting the environment and reducing the impact on the climate, while at the same time ensuring a reliable energy supply.

The challenge

AVG Baustoffe Goch GmbH was faced with the challenge of having to process 120,000 tonnes of waste wood per year according to precisely specified requirements to meet the power plant ‘s demand for process steam and electricity generation. The plant must process at least 60 tonnes of waste wood per hour and deliver clean wood chips without impurities to ensure the boiler ‘s optimum efficiency.


HAAS solution

The decision in favour of a HAAS waste wood processing plant was based on many years of experience with HAAS technology at the Goch site and the successful implementation of an identical plant in the UK.


The plant consists of several key components, including the

TYRON 2500-E 2.0 pre-shredder and the ARTHOS 2000-E hammermill, which enable efficient shredding of the waste wood.


Powerful neodymium magnetic separators and flat screens ensure optimum cleaning and screening of the waste wood chips, while a de-dusting system keeps the plant nearly dust-free.

The Advantages of the HAAS plant plant

The HAAS hammermill sets standards with an enormous and continuous processing capacity

of 60 to 90 tonnes per hour. The clever downstream division into two lines ensures optimum separation of ferrous and especially nonferrous metals and a good material flow in further

processing. The HAAS long particle separator efficiently sorts foils and fabrics in the material flow. This maximises the quality of the end product simply and effectively. The encapsulated machine technology creates a low dust, clean and safe working environment, fulfils the highest environmental standards and promotes the longevity of the machines. The modern filter

technology also ensures a virtually dust-free process and therefore contributes significantly to

improved product quality. Dynamic material switches offer operational safety, even in the event of unforeseen events. The sensor-controlled fi re protection device secures the

system and ensures reliable operation.


A customised plant – from a qualified single source

We work closely with our customers to analyse their specific requirements and circumstances to fulfil them in the best possible way.


Thanks to the precise manufacturing of all components before delivery eliminates the need for tedious reworking on site, saving time and making the assembly process more efficient.


We will plan your plant so that it is most efficient for you. What do you really need? What can

be practically realised on your site?


We try to avoid unnecessary components and ensure a good material flow in the process. Our focus is on cost effectiveness, efficiency and the best possible product result.


Project results:

The successful implementation of the HAAS waste wood processing plant at AVG Baustoffe

Goch GmbH demonstrates the efficiency and reliability of our plant components. The optimised processing of waste wood not only ensures the supply of the power plant, but also makes an important contribution to sustainable energy generation and environmental protection.

Costumer feedback:

„With the HAAS waste wood processing plant, we can reliably cover the requirements and at the same time fulfil the strict specifications for clean wood chips. This plant offers efficient processing of waste wood of different grades, which contributes to sustainable energy

generation. At the same time, our employees benefit from a significantly improved working environment thanks to the virtually dust-free plant. Thanks to HAAS, we can not only minimise our environmental impact, but also optimise the efficiency and safety of our operations.“


Reinhold Pancherz (AVG Rheinberg & AVG Goch) and Carsten Borgards (AVG Rheinberg)




Watch a video of the plant here: Plant Video


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